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If you check-in online (opposed to a physical agent ie. because you only have a carry-on), you will be called to the flight gate podium to verify your passport While flying you will be asked to fill out 2 forms: Declarations, Visitor Permit You only need one Declaration form per household (same address) When you arrive at the airport you will have to pass through Customs. It can be a long line that takes approximately 45min to 1 hr When you go to an agent, have your 2 forms and passport ready Most agents will only ask if you have something to declare but also have the right to ask where you are visiting to/from, what items you're carrying, etc. If you have any fresh food on the flight be sure you finish it or throw it prior to exiting the plane After Customs you pass through Baggage Claim. After Baggage Claim, you pass through Security. If you have luggage, they have you push a button. Green means free to keep walking, red means you have been randomly selected for inspection and you must pass your luggage through the X-Ray. Each passenger is allowed 1 laptop or else there is a 50$+ fee based on the value of the laptop After Security, you pass through the hall of hustlers aka Timeshare room. Walk straight through this room and pay no attention or simply say "no thank you/no gracias" to all who approach you We will have transportation coordinated prior to your arrival ($44 round trip)

There is a Costco and Walmart At our resort, they only take credit card (Visa/MasterCard). This means you cannot pay in cash, not even for tip. At our resort we have paddle boards and kayaks included for use at Medano Beach At our resort there is a Market (Pharmacy included) for purchasing groceries and all toiletries (should have all the convenience items you need) Our resort is 10 minute walk to Downtown/Marina on the street side. At our resort, the employees have the text "Yes I can" on their nametags if they can speak english.

Most stores and restaurants will bring the credit card machine to you rather than take your card. Although, some upscale establishments will take your card to their computer Oxxo is like the 7/11 of Mexico 10%-15% tip is customary at restaurants If you see Mariachi bands at your restaurant, they will play for tips (10$ is normal) 20 pesos (or more) = 1$ is a good exchange rate Haggling works best in your favor if you speak Spanish Best to not approach/browse a store unless you see something you really like/want Use the buddy system so while 1 person is talking, the other passively listens but still applies pressure for better prices You can only haggle with street vendors but not in stores Every single street vendor will tell you they have low/good prices Every street vendor will invite you to walk into their store and ask what you're looking for After you tell the vendor the quantity you want to buy, wait until they give you a deal. If you don't like the price, silence and disinterested expression is the best strategy. It is best to order pesos through your bank prior to traveling. Order mixed bills (not all places can break bills 500 pesos or larger) You can also pull money from ATMs here but you may be charged service fees from the Mexican bank ATM and your personal bank you're pulling money from If you exchange dollars for pesos, the higher the purchase rate, the more pesos you get. Everywhere accepts dollars but you are subject to their exchange rate Most places accept card (with transaction fee at stores). If you pay in USD, they will give change in pesos (if any) Uber is still new and being established but is an option for transportation. Taxis only take cash At the resort and more up-scale restaurants you can trust the milk, juice, and ice. But in general , don't drink the water or iced drinks. You can ask for drinks without ice (sin hielo /yellow/) In general, places use the word "natural" to distinguish between original/plain and flavored.. water ie. plain = natural versus sparkling/mineral Most water sports (including trips to El Arco) end at 5pm or sundown Beach vendors stop selling at this time at well. Medano Beach has 24/7 public access. The main 2 access points are from our resort and the Mango Deck The time we are coming is going to be the start of Spring Break Season You can expect police patrols in Downtown (mostly at night) and on the beach There may also be large crowds of college students The time we are coming is nearing the end of the winter season. Average temperature of the water 72 degrees Weather is mostly partly cloudy with some overcast and sunny days This is also a cruise season. There maybe 1-3 cruise ships in the Bay per day When going clubbing, there is no cover charge unless you want to drink then you need to purchase a wristband. After a certain hour, clubs turn away people with wristbands Highly suggest you purchase drinks at the hotel or bars downtown but NOT the clubs. When you check-in the return flight online, already you can purchase bags and view your boarding pass. You still need to print a physical ticket at the airport kiosk. If you wait to purchase a checked bag at the airport, you need to do so at the kiosk. I recommend you keep any fragile items in your carry-on. When going through security, they will ask you to show your visitor's permit. There is no pre-check TSA in Mexico even if it is printed on your ticket. You do not need to take shoes off. You still need to remove laptops and place them separately in bins with no other items. While flying, they will pass out declaration forms to fill out. You will be asked to total the value (USD) of the souvenirs you purchased and are bringing back. At the gate, you will be asked to surrender your visitor's permit when entering the flight. Hold onto this, it is your ticket out of baggage claim. After exiting the plane, you will be directed to get in line for Customs (10 mins at SJC) Here an agent will ask if you have something to declare but have the right to ask you any other questions about your visit. After Customs, you will be directed to baggage claim and will wait for your checked bag or continue to the exit. At the exit, you will need to hand the declaration form to the agent. Then you will be free to exit the airport and make/meet arrangements for pickup.