Our Beginning at Land's End

Land's End, also known as El Arco, is a rock formation that is located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. On one side, you have the cold raging waves of the Pacific Ocean and on the other the calm and warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. It's part of the city of Cabo San Lucas and an emblematic landmark of the whole region. From the very first time that we both visited Cabo, we felt that was it was going to be a place we would be coming back to visit again. And when the time came to choose the place where we would say our vows and begin our new lives together, we already knew that we would have Our Beginning at Land's End.

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From tip to tip and more...

Traveling has always been an important part of our relationship. We've both always loved traveling and there's nothing better than to travel together. Click on the map to find out more about the places we've visited!

Tijuana, Mexico - San Diego, CA

Tijuana is the city where we met. It’s where we worked and where we shared little events that would eventually bring us together. San Diego is the city where our love story began. From our very first date enjoying Korean BBQ, to watching our first sunset together at Mission Bay beach.

Bay Area, CA

The Bay Area is Janessa's home, adn where

Portland, Oregon

Our visit to the City of Roses happened at the end of May 2019. We had the wonderful opportunity to explore the Saturday Market in the streets of Portland, browsing the galleries and crafts of the local artists, trying out different snacks and drinks from the food stalls and even doing a little thrifting. We dedicated a whole day to just exploring nature, driving through green fields and forests, visiting and swimming at the beautiful Hagg Lake, and eventually making our way back to the city and grabbing a bite at one of the local food truck parks.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Cool trip

Maui, Hawaii

Awesome trip

Hashtag Hall of Fame

As part of the initial planning for our wedding, we wanted to come up with a memorable name for our website.